Sports Academies

To take kids to the next level of skill development we offer the Academy Program designed by our Honorary Mentors in top Schools, Colleges, Universities, Sports Arenas, Club Houses, Community Sports Centres & Gymkhanas etc.



Academies is where specialization in a particular sport begins, with additional focus on the Mental and Emotional development of the kids and the training to compete and win which are essential skills needed to become a professional athlete.

Along with Sports Psychology we infuse Physiotherapy, Performance Nutrition, Strength & Conditioning, Injury Prevention & Injury Management in the Academy Program.

There is a greater time commitment sought from kids for rigorous skill development to graduate from Basic to Intermediate to Advance levels. Coaching expertise of higher levels is provided to suit & match each & every level.

In Advance level coaching the interaction between the coach & the kids gets more one-on-one than in group for more individualistic development and performance enhancement. At this stage direct intervention & interaction of our Honorary Mentors with the athletes increases to the optimum as it is monumental in finishing their skill development. The guidance & handholding for the athletes by the Honorary Mentors to perform at an elite level in right arenas to turn into Professional Athletes is monumental.

How will your Child Benefit?

Frequent trainings and working towards seasonal goals will build your child’s abilities and confidence.

Physical exercises involved in our sports, reduces the stress hormones in the body. Thus, helps in the increase of energy and focus on goals.

With our best training programs, your child will gain strong leadership qualities.

Our team sports will enable your child to build better relationships with people.